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Hair Growth Bundle

Hair Growth Bundle

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Treat thinning hair with our Hair Growth Bundle. This kit includes everything you need for longer, fuller, and healthier hair. Improve the look and feel of your curls with our vegan ingredients that stimulate nourishment and growth. You'll be on your way to luscious length in no time.

What's Included:

    • Hair Growth Oil 
      • 8 essential and Carrier Oils Meant to promote Hair growth and hair health
      • Moisturize, Protect, and stimulate hair follicles
      • Antibacterial and antifungal properties
      • Helps reduce dry scalp
      • Enforces overall  hair health
    • Anti-Itch Serum
      • Soothes the scalp/skin and helps reduce flaking
      • Helps Promote Hair Growth
      • Immediately alleviates itch and scalp discomfort
      • Supports length retention during protective styling.
      • Reduces hair loss caused by alopecia and stress
    • Hair Food
      • Beneficial against hair loss and thinning
      • Helps treat dry scalp and dandruff
      • Softens hair and helps detangle,
      • Promotes shine and stimulates hair growth.
      • Conditions and seals in moisture.
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