Who Are We?

Who Are We?


My name is Crystal Agwuncha. I’m from Austin, Texas and I’m Nigerian-American. I’m a hairstylist, trained doula, a YouTuber, and I have a hair and body care line. 


My hair and body care line took over a year of research and preparation to get done, and all of my products were used by family, and myself before I decided to sell them to the public. When I was younger, I always felt like most beauty products weren’t made for people like me and most moisturizers never really worked well with my skin. Lotions always sat on top of my skin, but never soaked in to provide moisture, protection, and relief. In 2014 I started making my own shea butter based lotions that worked for me and family members. As time passed, the quality of my lotion got better and more people around me were interested in my lotions, coupled with other body and hair care products that I created along the way. I have always been big on being as natural as possible when it came to what I put in and on my body. When creating products for my body and hair, I strive to use ingredients that are plant based and natural because I want to be confident about the product quality my customers, and myself, are using.   


I’ve been a hairstylist for about 7 years now and I can do just about any hairstyle requested of me from a client. Unlike most hairstylists, I do not require my clients to blow dry their hair. I learned to style hair in its natural state, allowing me to achieve excellent quality with no heat damage to the clients hair. I’m keen on affordability and quality, so I try to make my prices as fair as possible without cheating myself. In addition, my styles tend to last longer than most of   My styles tend to last as long as my clients want them to if not longer. I found this passion at a young age by doing my sisters’ hair as well as my own, and I loved showcasing my creativity. This was the foundation of #CrownedByCrystal as I expanded my services to people outside my family and gained hundreds of supportive customers over the past eight years.I am amazed at how much the #CrownedByCrystal business has grown up until now, and all the plans that are in store for the future.  

Bouncing Babies Birthing Services (COMING SOON)

Being a birth worker stems from my passion for newborns, mothers and The overall beauty of the birth experience. I have over 10 years of childcare experience and my end goal is to become a midwife. Being a Doula is the first step to get there. 

In the past few years, I have intentionally surrounded myself with people and ideologies that encourage Black excellence and growth; inspiring me to achieve my goals and overcoming adversity. 


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